Can I get a Refund for a Domain Name? Please note there are NO REFUNDS for Renewal of Domain Names for any reason. NEW... Can I manage my Domain Forwarding in the KARTHOST Customer Center? Is your Domain Name Registered with KartHost? If Yes,we provide for FREE DNS service and Domain... Changing Domain Name Record revised February 12, 2018  If you originally registered your domain name with KartHost or... Changing Domain Name Registrant Approval Requirements (IRTP) When making any changes to the REGISTRANT Domain Name Record (even on a transfer) you are... Clearing Your IP Cache on your local Computer NOTE: Sorry we can not provide Chat or Phone support for this specific issue.When changing IP... Domain Name Forwarding - How to Set it up at the Domain Name Level If you have a domain name and you wish to have that domain name "pointing" to or "forwarded to"... Domain Name Renewal Notices By ICANN Regulations as a domain name Register, KartHost LLC, is required to send out an email... EPP Code what is it and where do I find it? The EPP key Authorization code, known as a EPP code (aka Transfer Authorization Code) is a... FREE Email Forwarding Setup (with all Domain Name Registrations) All our domain names registered at KartHost come with Free Email Forwarding (along with Free... How do I Renew My Domain Name with KartHost If you have a domain name that is registered with or has been transfered to you can... How to Register a New Domain Name at Needing to register a new domain name? If so, here is a quick and easy Tutorial on how to... I Changed My Domains Name Servers But My Domain is Still Pointing to the Old Server Should this ever happen to you must know the following:With the new modern DNS changing Name... I Registered the Wrong Domain Name - Can I get a Refund? THIS IS FOR NEW REGISTRATIONS ONLY Regardless of the Reason for the Refund. (Domain Name Renewals... I need to Change my Name Servers for my KARTHOST Registered Domain Name If your domain name is registered with KartHost (meaning you paid KartHost for registration... ID Privacy Protection Adding to Your Domain or Removing If you do not familiar with ID Protect (ID Privacy Protection) for your Domain Name Whois record,... Is Your Domain Name Ready to be Transferred? First off what is a Domain Name Transfer? It's simply moving the domain name from one... Managing Your Domain Name in KARTHOST Customer Center We will assume you have already logged into your Client Area at the KARTHOST Customer Center.... Moving My Domain Name to another KartHost Customer Center Customer If you have a need to move your domain name from your account to another KartHost Customer, you... My Domain Expired Can I Get it Back - Domain Renewal Grace Period If your domain has expired, (you can confirm this by looking at your account, or using the... My Domain Name has EXPIRED What should I do? If your domain name is registered with please read this KartHost Knowledgebase... Redemption Grace Period Once a domain name expires will be placed into Renewal Grace period and you can pay the invoice... Resend RAA Verification Email These instructions are for KartHost Clients. If not a KartHost Client, we would be honored to... Understanding of Domain Name Transfer Statuses Awaiting auto-verification of transfer request: An auto-verification transfer order has been... What are my Name Servers for my web site at KartHost? updated Feb 10, 2021Name Servers are records that instruct your domain name to "point" to the... What is Internet Propagation? Internet propagation is the process whereby the digital name servers (DNS) throughout the world... What is is a standalone domain name register that is owned and operated by The KART... Will my Domain Name expiration date change if I renew early? Your Domain Name expiration Date (Day/Month) will NEVER change no matter when you renew your...
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