Changes to Support Tickets - Now Only 1 Dept. to Select or Send an Email!

  • Wednesday, 21st September, 2022
  • 11:48am

Effective Immediately (September 21, 2022)

No more decisions as to what Support Department you need to select when opening a KartHost Support Ticket and best of all only One email address to send to when Opening a New Support Ticket! And the crowd is cheering!

When you need to open a KartHost Support Ticket, we just made it a LOT easier for you! 

If you are logged into your KartHost Customer Center when you click to Open Ticket you will be taken to the Support Page and all you need to do is select Customer Service. (The other option is Sales Question, but that one isn't for support).

Likewise, when you send an email to Open a Support Ticket, the only email address you need to send it to open a NEW Support Ticket is (Add to your Contacts):

We have totally updated this KartHost Knowledgebase Tutorial Open a KartHost Support Ticket - Video (please take a few moments to review)

Just remember, if sending an email to open a support ticket, you must send it from your Master Account User (Super User) email address, or the email address for a User you invited to your account (could be you are someone else), or a CONTACT you have set up and have given Support Tickets permissions too.

You will find these KartHost Knowledgebase Tutorials useful:

Why You would add a Contact or Sub-Account

User - Adding and Managing a Customer Center User Account

Accepting a KartHost Invite from Account Owner

Contact - Adding and Managing a Customer Center Contact

User - Owner Security Question Set Setup or Reset

We hope you find opening Support Tickets much easier and more convenient now.

Be watching for more updates here at the KartHost Announcement Area.



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