Yahoo/AOL Bounce Backs - Effecting KloudEmail Customer

  • 10th April 2024
Are you getting bouncebacks when sending to a  Yahoo / AOL email address ( or The Rackspace System support team is reporting the following... Our (Rackspace) teams are actively partnering with affected recipient mail hosts, significantly improving deliverability. While we work to resolve this issue fully, some users may ...
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WordPress Core 6.5 Release April 3, 2024 - Here's Whats NEW with Video

  • 4th April 2024
WordPress core 6.5 was released on April 3, 2024 (originally scheduled for March 27). Here are the quick new highlights (mainly focused on the Gutenberg block builder in WordPress core).A quick walk-through video below goes over the new features. 4:42    Rename any block in the List View - Benefit: Makes content more accessible to ...
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