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There are many reasons to set up either an additional Contact or User where the additional User would have Login Credentials of their own for your KartHost Customer Center Account. And for other KartHost Customer Center Accounts, only one login is needed to access multiple accounts. 

PLEASE BE ADVISED SUB-ACCOUNTS ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE AND ARE REPLACED WITH 'USERS'. TO ADD AN 'USER' see this Tutorial User - Adding and Managing a Customer Center User Account

What is a Contact - A Contact will not allow login to your KartHost Customer Center account. It does allow certain persons you elect to receive emails from the KartHost Customer Center on your behalf, like your bookkeeper, can receive invoices, etc. 

Developers or Designers - You might want a 'USER' account that you or your client can open up the primary KartHost Account then have a choice of accounts to manage if the USER has been invited to other KartHost Customer Accounts

There are many possible scenarios, we will not go into all of them but here are just two examples.

Example Contact - Let’s say you have another email address you wish to have emails from KartHost sent to or just certain ones, you can create a Contact for that second email address.

Example USER - If you wanted your webmaster to access View and Open Support Tickets and didn’t want them to have access to viewing invoices or your billing details you can set permissions to only allow them to View & Open Support Tickets and get Support Emails.

Example USER  2 - If your bookkeeper needs to have access to your Invoices then you can give them that access along with Support Tickets if they need to contact our billing department with a Ticket that you will see as well. You would give them Invoice Emails and Support Emails Email permissions as well.

Example USER (or Contact) 3 - You set up a second account at KartHost under your name and then add your Customer as a Contact (or USER) on the account. And then just give them Email permissions to Invoice Emails ONLY (if USER access Invoices only). And the ability to open a Billing Support Ticket (as a USER) and to make them the Default Billing contact. This way when invoices are paid you will be using their billing information. In this arrangement, you will be required to work out with your client and let them know invoices/charges will be coming from 'KartHost LLC'.

To Learn More about adding a Contact please visit (click or Tap): 

 Adding Contacts  (Step by Step Instructions and Video).

Revised December 31, 2021

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