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You have sold your business and need to move your KartHost Products/Services and/or Domain Names to the new owner, here is how to go about it.

If you wish to just hand over ownership of your existing account, please follow these instructions: User Ownership Change of your KartHost Customer Center

[1] Open a KartHost Support ticket and let us know if you wish to move the list of specific Products/Services and if applicable any domain names in your account.

[2] If the new owner you are moving your Product/Services to has an existing KartHost Customer Center account, provide that information to us. We will contact the existing client and get approval to move to their account via a support ticket.

[3] If the client is NOT an existing KartHost Client, you will need to give the new owner instructions to Register for a New Account (without purchasing any products/services).
Once the new client opens the new account we will open a Ticket on his behalf or to expedite the move, the new owner can open a new support ticket in their account. We will just need acknowledgment that they accept all TOS and Terms of Use Hosting Agreement and other information found here at the KartHost Legal Pages

IF Moving Domain Name(s) IMPORTANT DO NOT miss this step - Domain Name Contact (Whois Record) will need to be reviewed. And if needing correction the new owner is responsible for that change. The new owner will need to change the Contact information of the Domain Names Whois record, which reflects the legal owner. Not doing, this can cause major issues in the future. Think of the Whois Record as a title to a car or deed to a home. If it's still in the old owner's name, the old owner is still the legal owner. Just because the domain name might be in your KartHost Account does NOT make you the legal owner. Here is a KartHost Knowledgebase Article to help walk you through this process once the domain name is moved to the new owner.


Updated September 19, 2022

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