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Customer Center Account User Ownership Change

There can be only one Owner of the KartHost account better known as a User/Owner or Super User.

There are many reasons to change account ownership. Someone else in your company has taken the role to oversee the entire account.

Or, you are selling your business and you wish to let the new owner take over your KartHost Account. 

Or if you have some other reason to give up Account Management.

If you wish to allow the new owner to take over your existing account continue. However, if you wish to maintain your account for reasons of your own and move the purchased Products and Services and/or Domain Names, please review this Tutorial: Ownership Change Moving Products/Services and or Domain Names to another Account

Here are the steps:

Step 1 -  There must be a user already in your account. If the person that you wish to give ownership to doesn't have a User account, go add them (if they already have a KartHost Customer Center Login, you can send them an invite) Here is how to do so: User - Adding and Managing a Customer Center User Account

Step 2 - If you have a User already on your User Management page or after the person you have invited to your account has accepted at that time Open a KartHost Customer Support Ticket and type in the Subject: Requesting User Ownership Change for (Name of Business) 
In the Content Box provide the following:

(A) User Email Address

(B) User Name

Once the ticket is open and during normal business hours, we will make the requested User Ownership change for you and confirm.


Updated September 19, 2022


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