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If you plan to use a Credit Card or Debit Card to automatically pay your account invoices we need your actual card billing address that your bank has on file. And it must be extact or it could cause a AVS Address mismatch and the charge would be denied.

If for some reason the card billing address is different than the address on file, simple add an Additional Contact to your account and assoicate the additional contact as your billing address. Its very simple to do here is how:

1) After logging into the Customer Center on the left hand side click on My Details.

2) On the My Details page towards the bottom, you will see a "Default Billing Contact", if you have another contact set up in your account you can choose which one you wish to use for billing. If you do not have a choice, let's set another one up.

3) Towards the top of this page you will see My Details and to the right you will see a series of links, click on the link that says "Add New Contact"

4)  On the Add New Contact details page fill in the information as required. (Note: it's ok to use the same email address if this new contact is for regular "snail mail" billing address info only) At the bottom you will see Email Preferences, if you are using a new email address with this Contact you might decide which type emails can be sent to this email address. 

Example: If you have a third party Webmaster that is working on your site for you and you would like to give him or her access to the Support Ticket System just check Support Emails - Support Ticket Notifications for instance.

5) Once completed click on the Save Changes button, and once saved click on My Details link again (either at the top or on the left)

6) Now look at the Drop Menu for Default Billing Contact  and your new contact will be there. If you want the associated address for this contact to be your billing address on file, either for paper invoices, email invoices, billing address associated with the debit or credit card on file just select the contact and then make sure to click the Save Changes button.

If you are having problems adding a New Contact, please contact our Billing Support Department via the Support Ticket system and give us the information and we will be happy to add you, or you can call us at 832-220-0040 ext 2


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