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Selling your business? You have two options changing the ownership of your KartHost Customer Center Account.

[Option 1] You wish to allow the New Owner to assume control of your existing KartHost Customer Center account along with all existing Product/Services and Domain Name(s). If this is what you wish, skip item [2] below and proceed to the steps below.

If the new owner is keeping the same name of the business and you wish for him/her to have copies of all the past invoices and history of support tickets, this is the option you will want. To continue just skip item [2] below and move directly to 


[Option 2] If you wish to keep access to your old KartHost CustomerCenter Account, then you will want to have all Products/Services including Domain Name(s) related to the business moved to the new owner's account. See these instructions:
Selling of Business - Moving Your KartHost Services/Domains to New Owner


[Option 1 Instructions] To allow the New Owner to take over your existing account then the below steps will need to be followed:

[A] You will need to add the new Owner as a 'User' (with ALL Permissions) to your account, see instructions: User - Adding and Managing a Customer Center User Account

Once the new owner has accepted your invite and has created his new User account, move to step [B].

[B] The Existing Owner will need to open a 'Customer Service and Billing Inquiry' Support Ticket (the new owner will receive email notification of said ticket) And request that the new 'User' that was created is taking over your KartHost Customer Center Account and make him the OWNER.

[C] The new Owner will need to reply as confirmation that he "accepts all responsibilities for the account and agrees to All Terms and Conditions". Without this reply, we can not move forward. 
Once accepted and KartHost has made the necessary changes to the account. The new owner can leave the old owner on the account and change needed permissions or the new owner can remove the old owner from the account. Those decisions are made between the new owner and the old owner. And KartHost need not be involved.

[D] VERY IMPORTANT DO NOT miss this step - Domain Name Contact (Whois Record) will need to be reviewed. And if needing correction the new owner is responsible for that change. The new owner will need to change the Contact information of the Domain Names Whois record, which reflects the legal owner. Not doing, this can cause major issues in the future. Think of the Whois Record like a title to a car or deed to a home. If it's still in the old owner's name, the old owner is still the legal owner. Just because the domain name might be in your KartHost Account does NOT make you the legal owner. Here is a KartHost Knowledgebase Article to help walk you through this process once the domain name is moved to the new owner:

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