FREE Email Forwarding Setup (with all Domain Name Registrations)

All our domain names registered at KartHost come with Free Email Forwarding (along with Free Domain Forwarding). Here is how to set that service up in your KartHost Customer Center Account. Remember Email Forwarders are NOT mailboxes, they are only email addresses that you can use to forward emails sent to them to "Forward" to any email mailbox on the internet.

Note: If you have email KloudEmail Service, you will not be able to use this Free Email Forwarding Service. You will use the more advanced KloudEmail Email Alias System using Professional Mail or Exchange List service if using Exchange.

1) You must be logged into the KartHost Customer Center (Introduction to the KartHost Customer Center). Once logged in click on "Domains" > from the drop down menu click "My Domains".

Creating Free Email Forwarder with KartHost Registered Domain Step 2

2) On the following page click on "Manage Domain" button to the right of the domain name you wish to manage. In this case manage the Free Email Forwarding service.


3) When you land on the "Managing <yourdomain>" page, look for the "Management Tools" tab as indicated by arrow "A". With the resulting drop down menu click on "Manage Email Forwards" as indicated by arrow "B".

Creating Free Email Forwarder with KartHost Registered Domain Step 3

4) The resulting page will place you on the "Mail Hosting" page, the page in which you will set up your Free Email Forwarders. If your DNS is all set up properly you will see "Active" next to Status at top of page. If your DNS is NOT set up properly (or has not propagated the internet yet) you will see "Pending DNS setup or configuration has not yet propagated."

We will assume your DNS settings are set correctly. If you are see the red message please red this Karthost Knowledgebase Article "Adding a MX Record". Make sure to use Option 3 for the Free Email Forwarding in that article.

Now click on the "Create Forwarder" button (arrow "A") on the page (scroll down if you must) to Create a NEW Email Forwarder.
Or Click on "Manage Accounts" (arrow B) to manage your existing Email Forwarders.

Creating Free Email Forwarder with KartHost Registered Domain Step 4

5) On the following Create Forwarder Page add the username shown by arrow "A" to create your full email address. And then enter (up to 10 email addresses) in the "Redirect to:" (as shown by arrow "B") where all emails sent to your new email Forwarder will be sent. Then make sure to click the green "Create Forwarder" button to  create the forwarder.

Creating Free Email Forwarder with KartHost Registered Domain Step 5

6) After clicking the green "Create Forwarder" button, you will see the green banner at top that says "Action Completed Successfully! as depected below. Please allow several minutes before the email forwarder becomes active. Then test by sending an email to the new email forwarder email address and check the destination to make sure its working.

Creating Free Email Forwarder with KartHost Registered Domain Step 6

Now If you need to Manage Existing Email Forwarders Follow this instructions.

7)  In Step 4 from above you will click on the "Manage Accounts button instead of the "Create Forwarder".

Creating Free Email Forwarder with KartHost Registered Domain Step 7

8) On the Manage Accounts page you can edit, Delete, and Suspend any of the Email Forward accounts. To delete multiple email forwarders just click the check box to the far right by each forwarder you wish to delete and then click the big red "Delete selected accounts" button at bottom.

Creating Free Email Forwarder with KartHost Registered Domain Last Step 8


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