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If you are controlling your domain names internet traffic with the FREE DNS KartHost provides with each domain name registration here is how to change the MX records for your domain so email can be sent to your email service provider. (Note email service does NOT have to be at the same service that provides your website hosting)

1) Login to your KartHost Customer Center account and click on Domains > My Domains (from the drop down menu)

2) Select the domain name in which you need to change the MX records and click on the Manage Domain button to the right.

3) On the resulting page click on the Management Tools tab and from the drop down menu click Manage DNS.

4) On the Manage DNS Zone Records resulting page click on the Manage MX Records button

5) You will be on the Manage MX Records sub page and if you see any existing records, that will NOT be part of your email service delete them by clicking the Red delete button.

6) Next step is to add your new MX records by clicking the "Add A New MX Record" button.

7) Now you will need to add the following that your email provider sent you.
General Settings
Hostname: Normally you will place in the "@" sign here for the majority of email services, but refer to your email service instructions.
Full MX Name: This the email in which your email will be sent. Your email service provider will give you this information
TTL: This stands for Total Time to Live and is measured in seconds. 24 hours = 86400 12 hours = 43200 4 hours = 14400 recommend you place 14400 here, 14400 is the lowest we can accept for TTL
Pri: This is Priority if you have more than one MX record this will determine the priority of use. 0 = Highest Priority. If you are not sure what to place here just use a Priority (Pri) of "10".

MX records for KartHost KloudEmail service (both Professional Mail and Exchange) you will need to make these 2 entries:

MX Record 1

Hostname: @
Full MX Name:
TTL: 14400
Pri: 10

MX Record 2
Hostname: @
Full MX Name:
TTL: 14400
Pri: 20

Still Using cPanel Email (shared webhosting email)? This is no longer offered or allowed.

You will need to use this setting:

Full MX
Pri: 20

NOTE: If you are still using cPanel (shared webhosting) Email you MUST open a Support Ticket and ask to have your domain name placed in the old Anti-Spam / Anti-Virus Dedicated server otherwise all the emails that are sent to you will be bounced back as undeliverable.

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