KloudEmail DNS Settings

Updated February 9, 2021
MX, CNAME Record Settings for KartHost KloudEmail Basic or Suite Mail Only. Server settings for setting all email manager and devices.

For SPECIFIC settings for your device and KloudEmail Mailbox, we recommend using the KloudEmail Setup Wizard (Support Center) to help set up your devices. (You will use your KloudEmail email address assigned to your mailbox to login with)

An autodiscover CNAME record is Highly Recommend with our email service. It will make it very helpful setting up Outlook,
mobile devices with Mobile Sync and if you are using Hosted Exchange autodiscover CNAME record is required. 

DKIM Records - Improve your email deliverability by using DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) records for your specific domain name.
To add your DKIM record -  to your domain name DNS please visit the KloudEmail Control Panel and once logged in...
[1] Click  "Sender Authentication (DKIM)" 
[2] Click on the domain name you wish to activate DKIM
[3] Click the black button "Enable DKIM for <your domain name>",
[4] On the resulting page, you can copy the TXT record key and the TXT Record Value and paste in your new TXT record where your DNS is handled.
[5] Allow some Internet Propagation time and come back and click the "Verify TXT Record..." black button.

DNS Setting Needed - MX Record Settings for KloudEmail Professional Mail Only



TTL (Total Time to Live)



7200 or lowest possible



7200 or lowest possible




DNS Setting Needed - CNAME for Autodiscover (Useful for Mobile Sync & IMAP Setup on Smart Phones & Tablets)



TTL (Total Time to Live)



7200 or lowest possible




DNS Setting Needed - SPF Record (TXT Record) Highly Recommended



TTL (Total Time to Live)

@ (or blank)

v=spf1 include:emailsrvr.com ~all

7200 or lowest possible

If Sending Email from your Web Site as Well:

@ (or blank)

v=spf1 include:emailsrvr.com ip4: ~all

7200 or lowest possible

Note: If using "ip4:" in TXT SPF record you would replace with the IP address of your web site.


If setting up your Email Service Manually on Devices use the following

INBOUND Servers: (HIGHLY recommend using only SSL)


Server Address

Server Port

Have Mobile Sync Service?  (KloudEmail Suite) Use this:

Mobile Sync* (SSL)


Set up the mobile device as Microsoft Exchange or Corporate

For IMAP and POP3 use the following
(We highly recommend using only IMAP) 

IMAP Server (SSL)



POP Server (SSL)



IMAP Server (Non-SSL)
(Not Recommended)



POP Server (Non-SSL)
(Not Recommended)




Outbound Servers: (HIGHLY recommend using only SSL)

SMTP Server (SSL)



SMTP Server (Non-SSL)
(Not Recommended)


25, 587, 2525, 8025

* Provides full syncing of Email, Email Folders, Contacts, and Calendar Events with all mobile devices like iPhone, iPod, iPad, all Android and Windows phones, and tablets. Basically allows everything you see in KloudEmail Webmail to be seen on these devices along with any changes either with Webmail or your mobile device.

Learn more about our KloudEmail Suite or KloudEmail Basic of KloudEmail  Hosted Exchange

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