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Have you ever wondered how long it takes for someone to figure out your password? If NO you should think about it.

We recommend checking your password not your reall password but something simular at the following website.

How Secure is MY Password?

So how did you do? Do you have a password that will that thousands of years to crack or a few years?

We would like to suggest a way for you to make a password you can remember and make so that it would take thousands of years to crack with an average computer.

Step1. Use a word you can remember  Snow  (Instant crack)
Step 2. Add Symbols to the Front | Middle | End being sure to split the word into something not found in the dictionary.
 $sN$ow$ (3 Minutes to Crack)
Step 3. Now let's add 4 numbers at the front and end $20sN$ow15$ it would now take a desktop PC 4 thousand years to crack the password
Step 4. Make sure you have numbers, characters that are upper and lower case, and the wonderful symbols.
Step 5. Also writing the words backwards sometimes works too.
Step 6. Do NOT use the same password for everything. 
Step 7. The most secure password you should have is for your email accounts. If you are banking on line, viewing financial records, set up login with any website you have provided them your email address. Criminals with access to your email account can request password resets on all your financial institutions and have the new password sent to a new email address of their choosing. Eye opening isn't it!!!

Get a copy of our Strong Password Formula (PDF Download)

Now how will you use this information you have just learned?

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