Moving Your Domain Name, Webhosting or any other product to another KARTHOST Customer

How to move between customer accounts at KARTHOST one of your domain name(s), web hosting, SSL Security Certificate, or any other billable service or product that KARTHOST offers.

Follow these simple steps.

1) The person that wishes and agrees to have a product or service moved from his/her account MUST OPEN A "Billing Inquires" or "Domain Name Support" support ticket. And you must specify exactly what you agree to move out of your account. Sending Emails is not acceptable in this case, only a support ticket will do, since we need to have record of the transfer. NOTE: If you are moving a Domain Name you do NOT do a traditional "Domain Name Transfer" that would be transferring to another register. In this case you are only moving ownership from one customer account to another and the register will remain the same.

2) Provide the name of the KARTHOST customer the services/products will be moved to. They will be contacted for verification and approval of services/products to be moved into their account. NOTE: If the person does not have a KARTHOST account they will need to Register for a New KARTHOST Account before your request for move is placed. Please send them to this
URL: to register for a New KARTHOST account.

3) Once the request has been made and we have received approval from the person the KARTHOST product/services and/or domain name is being moved into, the transfer will take place immediately and all future billing responsibilities will be with the person the items were moved into.

If you still have questions regarding this procedure, we welcome you to open a Billing Inquires Support Ticket.


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