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Should this ever happen to you must know the following:

With the new modern DNS changing Name Servers on a domain name is pretty fast nowadays (compared to several days a few years back). In fact, in many cases, it can all happen within a few minutes to a few short hours after switching name servers. This is great and this is not so good, the reason why is we all get spoiled when DNS propagates fast but when it takes longer we blame the domain name register or the hosting company. Where in reality no one is to blame. Sometimes it can take much longer even as long as 24 hours to 36 hours to fully populate every computer, router, switch that makes up the internet. Patience is the word of the day. No one has full control over internet propagation.  There is no magic button to push to speed internet propagation, so just have patience.

Now, if you have changed Name Servers and it has been at least 24 - 36 hours and your site(s) are still not propagating run through the following steps:
1) Go back to your DNS provider and make sure you set the correct Name Servers (recommend you confirm with your provider).
2) If you have gone to this website WhatsMyDNS.net and typed in your domain name and selected "NS" for Name Servers and if you are seeing a large amount of the 30 selected internet "listening posts" reply back with the name servers you are supposed to use, then take a look at item 3. (note: its normal to see 1 to 4 listening posts that might be offline and show a red X. If its more than 4 red X's then your domain name might not have fully propagated yet)
3) If item 2 above shows you have the correct Name Servers then more than likely you have the "A Record(s)" set to the wrong IP address. Confirm with your host as to the correct IP.
4) Now if you have the correct Name Servers and IP address for your A Record(s) and they BOTH have propagated, now is the time to contact your web hosting company and recruit their help. At this point, chances are it will be a server issue.

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updated May 7, 2021

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