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We will assume you have already logged into your Client Area at the KARTHOST Customer Center. With that in mind here are the steps to follow to navigate the Customer Center to manage your domain name.

1) On the navigation bar click on "Domains" > "My Domains"

2) Look for the domain name you wish to Manage and then click the "Manage Domain" button. (Note: if you have a large amout of domains, use the Search Filter on top right side)

3) You are now should be on the "Managing ___________" (your specific domain will be in the blank) page.

4) You will default on the "Information" tab, there are several other tabs on the page like "Auto Renew", "Nameservers" Registrar Lock" and Management tool.

Information - Will show the status of your domain name, Original Registration Date, Next Dues Date, First Payment Amount, Recurring Amount and Payment Method

Auto Renew - If Enabled we will automatically generate an invoice and email it to you 30 days before the domain expires. If your payment method is VISA, MasterCard or Discover Card your domain name will automatically renew 1 day before its expiration date. IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO RENEW YOUR DOMAIN NAME you will need to click the RED Disable Auto Renew button and your domain name will not auto renew.

Nameservers - The name servers is your web "traffic cop", it tells where your web traffic (web browser, email etc) is to be directed too (aka, what server) DO NOT CHANGE these unless 1) You know what you are doing or 2) You have been isntructed to change them.

Registrar Lock - The "LOCKS" down your domain name to prevent an unauthorized transfer (aka being stolen). If you plan on transfering your domain name you will need to Disable Registrar Lock.

Management Tools - Additional tools to manage  your domain listed below:

Contact Information - This is the information on your Domain Name Record that is viewable by the general public. Think of this as the "title" to your domain name, its a legal document, and make sure the information is correct. Note the Phone Prefix is your Country Code, USA is 1, UK is 44 etc. You can manage the following Contact Details as follows:

Registrant - This is the Legal Owner of the domain name.
Administrator - While NOT the legal owner of the domain, this person does have domain name management priviledges. All emails that are sent regarding the domain name will be sent to the Administrator Contact, make sure this information is correct.
Technical - This usually the person responsible for the technical settings of the Domain Name it can be the same as the Administrator.
Billing - This is the person or company responsible for the payment of all domain name fees. Usually is the same as the Registrant or Administrator.

Whois ID Protection - Your domain name record is a legal public record. Any one can see your address and email address. ID Protection places a proxy in the place of your name address phone and email address on the Registrant, Administrator, Technical and Billing Contact. You can disable or enable Whois ID Protection from this tab. ID Protection MUST be Disable (off) to transfer a domain name.
NOTE: If you do not see this tab in Contact Information, and wish to add it to your Domain Name contact KARTHOST Sales to request Whois ID Protection. This is a Paid Service.

Register Nameservers - If you wish to have your own Nameservers for this domain you would register them here. Note, you will need to know the IP address of each name server.

Manage DNS - All accounts (if selected on check out) have free DNS management, you have full control over managing your domain name's DNS from this tool.

FREE Domain Forwarding - If you wish to forward your domain name to any URL on the internet you can use this tool.

FREE Email - "THIS SERVICE OFFER HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED" All Domain Name registrations (and transfers) after January 1, 2012 have 2 FREE 100 MB Email boxes using your domain name. If you do not see this activated, please contact support.

Get EPP Code - aka, Transfer Authorization Code - If you are planning to transfer your domain name to another register you will need the password for most .tld domain names you will get your EPP code using this tool. If you see the following "The EPP Code for your domain is: secret" You will need to open a Domain Name Support Ticket so that we can manually create your EPP Code.


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