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Internet propagation is the process whereby the digital name servers (DNS) throughout the world have updated their records for any given domain name.

Here is an example, if someone decided to move their domain from one web host to another web host, it will take any where from just a few hours in some cases up to 48 hours for the new address to be broadcasted to all routers, switches and servers that make up the internet.

During that 48 hour period, the traffic is decreasing at the old location and increasing at the new location and soon all web traffic for your domain name is being directed to your new home on KartHost web servers.

If that is clear as mud. Here is an analogy, imagine that you are standing on a large flat level floor and you had a bucket of water. Standing in the middle of that floor you pour out that water in the bucket, well immediately around your feet you are going to get wet, but if you are at the edge of the floor, it will take a little longer for the water to reach you. So is like Internet Propagation.

We recommend using 3rd Party DNS Services like CloudFlare (KartHost is a CloudFlare partner) or setting up an account with DNS Made Easy, these two organizations has two of the fastest DNS services on the itnernet. With CloudFlare you also benefit from their CDN network, Web Application Firewall (WAF) and a host of other features that will not only make your site faster but safer. You can activate your site on CloudFlare through the KartHost cPanel control panel. Or go directly to www.CloudFlare.com to set up an account.

updated May 27, 2017

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