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Awaiting auto-verification of transfer request: An auto-verification transfer order has been submitted and we are in the process of obtaining the current Whois data in order to generate the verification email to be sent to the Administrative Contact on the domain name record for approval.

Transfer Pending - Awaiting Release by Current Registrar: The verification email for this transfer has been sent to the Administrative Contact on the domain name record and responded to. This domain transfer has been initiated with the Registry and is in PENDING TRANSFER status as of the date listed below and is awaiting approval and release by the losing registrar. The process is complete from our side and the domain must be released to the registry by the losing registrar. The losing registrar has 5 days once the domain is pending to respond. Please note the domain is sent into pending transfer status once the verification email has been authorized, fax recorded or valid EPP key submitted. Note: No changes can be made to domains in "pending transfer" status. (including expiration)

Transfer in Process - Acquiring Current Whois for Transfer Verification: When an auto-verification transfer request is initiated, our system attempts to obtain the Administrative Contact from the current registrar in order to generate the transfer verification email. Sometimes, due to the current registrar blocking outside Whois queries, we are unable to electronically retrieve the required Whois information to proceed with the transfer request. When this occurs, the domain is placed into a verification queue where it is manually updated. Our goal is to attend to these within 48 hours; delays can occur during peak times where this manual process is not completed within this time frame.

Auto verification of transfer request initiated: The current Whois information has been collected and the verification email has been sent to the Administrative Contact, however we have not yet received a response. This status will remain until the verification email is responded to, or the transfer canceled and closed. If the transfer is not responded to within seven (7) days, it will be canceled. Note: If the email address is not the correct or current address for the domain, please contact the current registrar and update your contact information. The process will have to be started over, open a Support Ticket in the Customer Center and we will restart the process for you.

Canceled - Unable to transfer due to unknown error: Reasons for such a failure can vary and you should open a Support Ticket for further assistance. For this purpose go to your Client Area of the Customer Center and click on Submit Ticket.
Canceled - domain contacts did not response to verification e-mails: The verification email was not replied to by the authorized domain contact(s). If the transfer is not responded to within seven (7) days, it will be canceled with this status.

Canceled - domain contacts did not approve transfer of domain: The Administrative Contact on the domain record declined the transfer request.

Canceled - Whois information provided does not match current registrant:
This transfer was canceled as the Whois information provided does not match current registrant. When submitting a fax transfer, the registrant information you input when initiating the request must match the current Whois information from the current registrar. If this information does not match, the transfer will be rejected.

Canceled - Domain is currently not registered and cannot be transferred: This means that the domain name is not a registered domain name, therefore is not active or transferable. This status will be returned for transfer attempts made for domains in Redemption Period or Pending Delete status.

Canceled - Domain is locked at current registrar or is not yet 60-days old: The domain status is currently "Registrar-Lock". A registrar lock is a security setting that prevents domains from being transferred between registrars. When this occurs, contact your current registrar and request the lock be removed. Due to a registry restriction, domains that are not yet 60-days old are not transferable between registrars. This is a registry rule, not a restriction instituted by KARTHOST, or TheDomainKart.com.

Canceled - Transfer already initiated for this domain: Once a domain is in "pending transfer" status, duplicate transfer requests for the domain will be canceled and given this status message.

Canceled - Transfer rejected by losing registrar: This transfer request was validated by the Administrative Contact for the domain and sent to the registry for release and approval by the losing registrar. A request was then sent to the global registry for approval and release by the losing registrar; this request was rejected by the current registrar. Unfortunately we do not have access to the reason(s) the current registrar has rejected your transfer request. Please contact the current registrar for additional information.

Canceled by customer: The transfer order was canceled from within the account from which it was initiated. A transfer order can only be canceled prior to being initiated to the registry and going into PENDING TRANSFER status. Once the domain is pending transfer, the only way to cancel the transfer is to request the current registrar to manually reject the transfer with the registry.

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