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For KartHost Hosting Clients Only - If you are not a KartHost Client (you should be) then consult with your WebHost.

There are Two Places (possibly three) you can manage (adding, deleting, or changing) DNS Records with your KartHost Registered Domain Name (or if your domain name is registered someplace else and KartHost is handling DNS).

First, if your domain name is registered with KartHost you need to know the current Name Servers Used. To determine follow these instructions:

(1) From the home page click on the block that has a number in it and says "DOMAINS" or on the top menu click on Domains > My Domains. (note if you do not find your domain name that means your domain name is not registered at KartHost or is in another KartHost account).

(2) Locate the domain you are wishing to change. If you have more than 10 domains, use the Search at the top right of the listing of the domains to find your domain. Once you have found the domain you wish to work with click the green Active button

(3) On the resulting page on the left vertical Manage menu click on Register Nameservers. Now you will see the name servers that are being used.

If you see these name servers:

You can manage your DNS records here, in the same left vertical Manage menu click on DNS Management.

If you see name servers that look something like this:

<some name>
<some other name>

Then you will need to use our Advanced DNS from Cloudflare to manage DNS.

Follow these instructions:

(1.1) Click on the main navigation menu Services > My Services and on the resulting page look for a Service called "Advanced DNS by Cloudflare - Free Plan" click the green Active button.

(2.1) On the Advanced DNS by Cloudflare Product Details page scroll down the page until you see the Manage Domain. If you see Domains List and there are no domains listed, that means you just need to add your domain in the "Domain Name:" field under Manage Domain. and click the square icon with a "+" and your domain will show listed below in the Domains List section, Then just click the green 'gear' icon to take you to the manage page (it can take up to 40 seconds while all DNS records download from Cloudflare)
NOTE: If you see a red error message that says "Domain already exists with another User" that means the domain is set up with another KartHost User, could be your designer or webmaster. We will have to verify that for you during normal business hours.

{3.1) Look at the smaller tabs and click on the DNS tab. Again be patient to allow all your DNS records to load. Once loaded scroll down to see specific DNS records. To Edit any specific record, under the Status column on the right of the specific record, my show black, if green, click to turn it black. Then click the pencil ICON to make changes.


If you see name servers that look something like this:

(2.1) If any of the above name servers are showing as name servers you will need to access your cPanel Control Panel.

Once logged into cPanel, locate the "Domains" block. Then click on the "Zone Editor"

On the Zone Editor page, locate your domain and click the specific Zone you wish to manage or click the "Manage" button to have access to all Zones.




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