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Need to move your Products/Services and Domain Name to another KartHost Client?

If not, you might wish to read the following KartHost Knowledgebase Article:
Selling of Business - Letting the New Owner Take Over Your Account

NOTE: Any time a Domain Name is moved to another KartHost account, all products and services will be moved with it.

[A] Have the New Owner Register for a New KartHost Customer Center Account (please open a Customer Service and Billing Inquiry Support Ticket so we can activate the link to 'Register' for a new account for the new owner) 

[B] The Existing Owner will need to add a list of all products/services and domains to be moved to the new owner.

[C] New Owner Action Tasks - After the new owner Registers for their new KartHost CustomerCenter account, they need to Open a 'Customer Service and Billing Inquiry' Support Ticket and mention all products/services and domain name(s) they agree to have moved into their account and agrees to the terms and services. Once this is completed, a KartHost Representative will make the move. And reply to both Support Tickets when this has been done. 

Billing - Please note, the new owner will need to pay their first invoice manually. From that point forward, (if they leave their credit/debit card on file) all future invoices will automatically pay one day before the due date.

[D] VERY IMPORTANT - If Domain Names are being moved from the old owner to the new owner, there is an extra step that will be required. The new owner will need to change the Contact information of the Domain Names WHOIS record. Which reflects the legal owner. Not doing, this can cause major issues in the future. Think of the Whois Record like a title to a car or deed to a home. If it's still in the old owner's name, the old owner is still the legal owner. Just because the domain name might be in your KartHost Account does NOT make you the legal owner. Here is a KartHost Knowledgebase Article to help walk you through this process once the domain name is moved to the new owner:

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