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You can not "Cancel" a Domain Name. You can only allow the domain name to expire at its expiration date.

So if you wish to NOT pay for your specific Domain Name Renewal at KartHost, you will need Disable Domain Name Auto Renew.
That way your domain name will expire without being renewed effectively canceling your domain name.
Please read this Tutorial in the Billing & Account FAQ Category: "How do I Disable Domain Name Auto Renew?"

Here is an example of the expiration process when a Domain Name Expires:
In this example, we will assume your Domain Name Expires on August 1.
-On August 1st domain name expires, your domain name will cease routing traffic to your email and website (and other functions you might have set up).

  • Renewal Grace Period - Starts on the Expiration Date and for the most popular domain name .tlds (.TopLevelDomains) like .com, .org, .net, .biz, .info (and others) you have 36 days to renew your domain at the normal rate (sometimes with a small surcharge). Once renewed the domain name will start working again within a few hours.
  • Redemption Grace Period - Generally a period of 30 days. Think of this as your Last Chance to get your domain name back. After the Renewal Grace Period, your domain name will slip into Redemption Grace Period and subsequently be Deleted.  Due to the extra work and time of getting it back, there is a much higher fee associated with obtaining a domain name in the Redemption Grace Period. (Note if a domain name has a "Backorder" for it, it will not slip into Redemption Grace Period)
  • Pending Delete Period - If the domain name is not Redeemed during the Renewal Grace or Redemption Grace Period, then it would move to the Pending Delete period which is usually 5 days. Your domain name can not be Redeemed for any reason. The domain name would be available for fresh Registration. But not, if you are thinking of just re-registering the domain, understand many "domainers" have software or use services that will instantly register it within seconds of it being released to the general public. At that point, your only option is to purchase your domain name from the person or organization that registered it, and that can be very expensive.

updated: January 24, 2022


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