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Simply put, an email alias is an email address that isn't connected to an email mailbox.

Or you can think of an email alias as an email address that must be forwarded to an email address (ultimately) that has a mailbox attached to it.

Example: You start a marketing campaign and on your printed flyers/business cards/billboard (or anywhere else) you can set up an email alias (at your email provider like KartHost KloudEmail) like this [email protected] and that will be forwarded to [email protected] (of course you would replace with your real email address). 


Let's say an employee left your business and their email address [email protected]  can be set up as an alias to forward to [email protected]. This way any clients that might email the old employee the email will be forwarded with the email alias to the proper person or team.


Let's say you sign up for a newsletter or some other type of marketing with your email. This would be a great case of having a "junk mail" email alias set up so you are not giving out your real email address. When you no longer wish to receive emails you could just remove the email alias and all emails sent to you would bounce back. But we encourage you to just unsubscribe from their mailing list.  But if that doesn't work, you have the option to just remove the alias. After all, at KartHost KloudEmail, you can have as many email aliases as you like without charge.

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