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I can receive emails but able to send emails using my iPhone.

This is an issue with iPhone and the way it sets up email accounts. Especially if you have deleted your email account off your phone and added it back. 

You will need to double check the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is how you send an email with any device) settings on your iPhone device.

Here are the steps:

1) Access your iPhones Settings

2) On the resulting Settings area, you will need to scroll down to the Mail section and tap it.

3) You will be on the Mail section and tap on Accounts.

4) On the resulting Accounts section, you could see 1 or more email accounts you have set up on your phone. Make sure you tap on the KloudEmail account you have set up. More than likely it will be your full email address you set up to represent that email account when you originally set it up. 

5) Now after you tap on the name of your KloudEmail account, you will be on the next page and make sure to tap on the "Account" again, should be near the top.

6) The next section you will be on will show a sub-section that says "OUTGOING MAIL SERVER" and under it will be SMTP for your KloudEmail account tap on it.

7) Now on the SMTP section under PRIMARY SERVER or OTHER SMTP SERVERS tap on the SMTP that is associated with your KloudEmail account. Again, more than likely it is going to be named either emailsrvr.com or your full email address. So tap it.

8) Now on the next section, the SMTP Server section, we are needing to confirm the "User Name" and "Password" are correct for starters. In the User Name field make sure your FULL email address is listed there, that is your username. And in the Password field even if it shows all dots like this * * * * * * * *  go ahead and type in your correct password.  You will also need to check your phone has the correct Host Name, depending on the KloudEmail service type you have (KloudEmail Basic, KloudEmail Suite or KloudEmail Hosted Exchange) will determine the Host Name. Check with the KloudEmail Setup Wizard (Support Center) or open a KloudEmail Support Ticket and we will confirm for you.
Now after redoing your username and password (and any other changes press the "Done" button top right of your phone.

9) Now go test to see if you are able to send an email. If all the needed information was entered correctly you should be able to do so.

To help you even further here is a video from a Third Party that walks you through this process in the video below. He is using a Gmail Email account but all the steps as listed above are the same. You will just need to be specific to your account.



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