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NOTE: ( as of December 30, 2018) Windows Mail has evolved over the past several years. If the instructions do not work for you, please see our new Updated Tutorial "Windows 10 Mail Adding a KloudEmail Basic or SUite Email Account"


If you are using Windows 10 and Live Mail that comes with Windows 10 and you have the KartHost KloudEmail service, here are your instructions to set up your KloudEmail service to work with Live Mail.

Please note the instructions given below is making an assumption your domain name you are using for your email address has what is caused an autodiscover CNAME record in your domain names DNS. Let's say your domain name is then you would need a CNAME as To find out if you have one go to this website and type in your the following in the field that shows "" this; autodiscover.2umailnet (of course replace '2umailnet' with your REAL domain name) and then select CNAME from the drop down to the right and then click the Search button. What you should expect to see if you have KloudEmail Service is if you see that in the results, then you can use the automatic setup steps listed below.

Step 1) With 'Mail' open A) click 'Accounts' on the left and then B) '+ Add account' on the right as shown below.


Step 2) When the "Add an account" popup appears click on 'Other account | POP, IMAP'


Step 3) Other account information A) enter the email address you are setting up B) Enter how you want this email address to appear to those that receive it C) enter the password of your email mailbox for this email address.
D) Then click 'Sign in'.


Step 4) Now your account will be set and show as it shows below. Now click the Done button.


Step 5) Click your New Mailbox showing on the left and you will be ready to write and send your first email.


Below Steps are OPTIONAL (recommended)

STEP 6) Once you have set up your mailbox you might wish to change some of the settings on how many emails to sync when to show your new email etc. Here is how to do this.
A) Click on Accounts B) Manage accounts sidebar will appear and C) click the mailbox you wish to manage (if you have more than 1 mailbox set up they will appear here)


Step 7) A) To change the 'Account name' with the Account settings window open just type in what you wish to know this account by, don't worry, only YOU will see what is typed here.
B) Now click Change mailbox sync settings to be taken to the settings page.

Step 8) Down new email - You will have 7 choices here: as items arrive | based on my usage | every 15 minutes | every 30 minutes | hourly | every 2 hours | manually, the default will be based on my usage, if you are on battery powered device you might choose this, otherwise recommendation is as items arrive.


Step 9) 'Download email from' drop-down menu (shown expanded), the default is "the last 3 months". If you have limited space or planning a very large amount email you can leave it on "the last 3 months" otherwise you should select "any time" that means any email in your mailbox in the KloudEmail email server will show in your Live Mail. Otherwise, you would need to login to KloudEmail Webmail (which is logging onto the actual email server with your web browser) to view older emails.


Step 10) The A) 'Send your messages using this name' field is what those that will be receiving your email will see. If you wish to change what they see, type in this field.
B) This toggle is set to ON by default, we recommend it be left on, otherwise, emails will NOT sync.
C) If you need to change the Incoming email server information, you can change it here. If you do not know what you are doing, do not miss with this, otherwise, your email could stop working.
D) After you have made all the adjustments you like go ahead and click Done to save your changes.


NOTE: Once you have made all your changes, please allow up to 30 or more for all your emails to sync up. It could be much less or much longer, depending on 1) your internet connection and 2) how much email is in your mailbox in the KloudEmail Server.
Also, the Accounts settings window will not close until all emails (and email folders) have synced. This is normal.



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