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THIS IS FOR NEW REGISTRATIONS ONLY Regardless of the Reason for the Refund. (Domain Name Renewals Do Not Come with a Refund)

You can delete a domain name and recieve a refund for any reason within the first 48 hours ** of registering most new domain names. This 48 hour period is refered to as the Money Back Period. When deleting the domain name your services for that domain (like web sites, emails etc) will stop functioning immediately.  KARTHOST domain name refund policy is to refund the amount you paid for your domain name minus $1.50* for the deletion.



  • Domain names under the following extensions cannot be Deleted since they do not have a Money Back Period -


    If you still wish to have such a domain name Deleted without Refund, you need to open a DOMAIN SUPPORT TICKET and ask us to delete the domain
  • ** A .ME domain name will have a Money Back Period of only 24 hours.
  • A domain name deleted in the Money Back Period does not slip into Redemption Grace Period and is immediately available for fresh registration.
Immediately open a Domain Name Support Ticket (NOT a Tech Support Ticket, this WILL delay your refund and possible lose your refund) as soon as possible, Remember you do not have 48 hours to open the ticket you only have 48 hours to get the domain deleted, you will need provide us suffient time to reply to your Support Ticket.
Provide the following information:

1) Give us the name of the domain in which you wish to cancel.
2) Reason for deletion of the domain name.
After the cancelation is complete your account will be given a credit for the deleted domain (minus $1.50 deletion* charge) that can be used for any other purchase or domain registration at KARTHOST.com. 
* This fee is charged to KartHost by the tld registrar, and is passed on to the end user.

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