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Because of the nature of our business, all invoices are paid automatically if a credit or debit card is on file. Otherwise, it's the account owner's responsibility to make sure your invoices are paid in a timely manner.

Here are the terms of our service regarding payments for our services and products:

1) For products and services that are Monthly recurring, all invoices are generated 10 days before the due date.
     Quarterly (every 3 months) invoices are generated 21 days before the due date.
     Semi-Annually (every 6 months) invoices are generated 30 days before the due date.
     Annually (every 12 months) invoices are generated 30 days before the due date.

2) Email Reminder sent At 3 days before the invoice due date (2 days before auto payments), a Courtesy Email Reminder is sent. No action is required unless you wish to pay manually.

3) On 1 Day before the invoice due date, for all clients that have a credit card on file the invoice will pay automatically.
(Note: if a client doesn't wish to have their invoice pay automatically, they need to login to their account to delete the card associated with their account. From this point forward the client is responsible for logging into their KartHost Customer Center Account and paying their invoices manually on or before the due date.)

4) If an invoice is past due we send a past due reminder email, 3 days, 5 Days, and 7 Days.

5) Suspend Service - At 8 Days past due for specified services is suspended automatically until the invoice is paid and then the service is then unsuspended. There is no credit for the time service is suspended due to non-payment.

6) Terminated Services - KartHost Reserves the right to Terminate any products/services not paid on its due date. This is usually done after a reasonable time after the service has been suspended. If a service is Terminated, we do not guarantee you will be able to retrieve any data that has been terminated and removed from our servers and our partner's servers.

7) Invoices with Domain Names - Please note that on the expiration date your domain name will expire. After a domain name expires, this will stop your website from showing on the net and email flowing to your inbox. Depending on the .tld (examples of .tlds are .com, .net, .org, .us, .biz, etc) you will have an approximately 30 day Redemption Grace Period to renew your domain name at our regular renewal price.  
After the 30-day Redemption Grace period, your domain name will slip into a hold period which is called the Redemption Period. The fees are much more expensive in the Redemption Period so make sure you get your domain name renewed BEFORE your Redemption Grace period expires. Or better yet, leave a credit card on file so your renewal will take place automatically.

8) Domain Name renewal dates - If you leave a valid credit or debit card on file with KartHost (your cards are tokenized and stored in our card processors vault not on our website) we will automatically attempt payment one day BEFORE the invoice due date which should be the same as the domain name expiration date. If you wish to change the RENEWAL DATE (not the domain name expiration date) of your domain name you certainly can. Just open a Domain Name Support Ticket to make the request. Especially if your business is highly dependant that your domain name never fails.

9) Any invoice that continues 30 days or longer past due are subject to a late fee that will be added to the invoice automatically.

Sending Checks MUST BE PREAPPROVED. We recommend you send the check to arrive at LEAST 4 business days before the Due Date at a minimum. If your check arrives after the invoice is paid automatically  (with a credit/debit card on file), the funds of the check will be applied to your account and total funds will be used towards the next invoice generated and any remaining funds applied towards the following invoices until funds on your account are exhausted.
IMPORTANT NOTE: We are not responsible for slow delivery of mail or non-delivery. All checks that arrive or posted within 2 business days or sooner. So plan to mail your check in plenty of time and account for weekends and holidays our billing team may not be working.

If mailing a Check, please mail to and make payable to:

KartHost LLC
14015 Park Dr. Ste 112
Tomball, Texas 77377-6291

Note: This policy is subject to change without notice - last revised December 1, 2020.

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