How do I Renew My Domain Name with KartHost

If you have a domain name that is registered with or has been transfered to you can login to your Client Area at the Customer Center and renew your domain name at ANY time. (Remember no matter of the future expiration date, you will not loose any time by renewing a domain name early)

If an Invoice Has Been Generated for Domain Name Renewal- If an invoice has already been generated by the KartHost Customer Center simply paying your invoice will cause your domain to be renewed. If you would like to renew for additional years, pay the invoice then follow the steps below:

If a invoice has NOT been generated Yet - Follow these instructions to renew your domain name:

1) Login to your KartHost Customer Center Account and once logged in click on Domains > My Domains > This will take you to the My Domains page.

2) On the My Domains page, on the left column under "+ Actions" block click on "Renew"

3) Now in the center of the page you will see a list of ALL your domains. Look for the domain you wish to renew. If you have multiple pages of domains use the "Enter search term..." search by typing in your domain name to easily locate your domain.

4) Once found you willl see the Expirty Date (which can be different from your Renewal Date) the "Days Until Expiry". And then drop down of how many years you wish to renew your domain name for. (One reason to renew for multiple years is to protect yourself against future price increases).

REMEMBER YOU CAN NOT RENEW MOST DOMAIN NAMES MORE THAN 10 YEARS INTO THE FUTURE. Based on Todays Date. Example: If your domain name expires in 3 days and you select 10 years to renew, that renewal will not be excepted by the registry as that would make it 10 years and 3 days into the future. 10 years Maximum is the limit for the most popular domains. So in this example you would need to select 9 years or less.

5) Once you have determined the number of years you wish to renew click Add to Cart and then click the "Go to checkout >>" button at top above the Add to Cart column.

6) From this point forward just follow the checkout process and your domain name will be renewed.


AUTO RENEWAL - If you have a VISA | Discover Card | American Express |MasterCard Credit Card or a VISA / MasterCard Debit Card on file, your invoice once generated will be automatically paid on the due date, thus auto renewing your domain name. If you have enough funds in your account those funds will be applied to your invoice immediately and pay your invoice.

SUGGESTION - If you know your going to be away for a while or on vacation and do NOT have a card on file you can always mail a check to KartHost and we will deposit those funds you send us into your account. When any invoice is generated the KartHost Customer Center will always check your credit balance in your account FIRST before charging any cards you have on file. If you do not have enough funds to cover paying the invoice then the balance will be paid from the card you have on file.

You can add funds by mailing in a company check, cashiers check or money order. Alternatively you can add funds to your account using your debit or credit card or using PayPal, thus not needing to keep your card on file. Note: there will be a 10 hold on funds sent via check, so allow enough time for your personal/company checks to clear.

 Did You Know? There are more than 220+ tlds besides the .com, .net and .org? (and many new ones being added monthly).
To see current Domain Name tld pricing and promotions just click this link: Register a Domain

updated September 19, 2016

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