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If you are already logged into Webmail you can reset your password. (You can also reset using the KloudEmail Control Panel see this Article: "Changing Passwords for email mailboxes in the KloudEmail Control Panel"

Of course you will need to be logged into KloudEmail Webmail with the email account in which you wish to change the password. (Here is how to login if you have forgotten "How Do I Login to Professional Mail Webmail Panel?" )
Then follow these steps:

1) Inside of Webmail A) click on the "Hamburger Menu" on the for right of the page. B) A resulting drop down menu will appear, click on "Settings" as shown below.

Step 1 Resetting your Email Mailbox for KloudEmail Professional Mail

2) Once the Settings window opens A) Click on "Change Password" and then the Change Password window will appear. B) You must type in your existing password, if you are logged into Webmail you should know your password, if you do NOT, then you will need to use the KloudEmail Control Panel to change your password. C) Now type in your New Password (Click on "View Password Requirements" to make sure your password meets minimum requirements),
and D) Retype your password to confirm. E) Click the "Save" button to save your changes.

Step 2 Resetting your Email Mailbox for KloudEmail Professional Mail

2A) You will now see another window open and a message to let you know your KloudEmail Webmail will need to reload after you click the "Reload now" button.

Step 2A Resetting your KloudEmail Webmail Password

3) Now once the Change Password window closes you will need to click "Save" on the Settings window to save all and close the window. And now your password has been changed.

Step 3 Resetting your Email Mailbox for KloudEmail Professional Mail

End of Tutorial

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