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As of March 8, 2015 you can forward your | | mail to your KloudEmail mailbox. Please note the instructions below is a function of and they can change this at any time.

Step 1) Once you have logged into your (, mailbox, click on the "gear" icon at top right

Step 1 How to Forward your | | email accounts

Step 2) From the Drop Down menu click on "Options"

Step 2 How to Forward your | | email accounts

Step 3) On the resulting Options page, click on "Email forwarding"

Step 3 How to Forward your | | email accounts

Step 4) On the Resulting "Email forwarding" page A) simple 'tick' "Forward your mail to another email account.
B) Then in the "Where do you want your messages to be sent?" type in your KloudEmail email address.
C) NOTE: If you wish to keep a copy of all emails that are forwarded to your KloudEmail mailbox check the box "Kepp a copy of forwarded messages in your inbox."
This will not be required if you are using KloudEmail Archiving service all emails inbound and outbound will be placed in archiving so no need to save here.
D) Click 'Save' to save your changes.

Step 4 How to Forward your | | email accounts

To Leran More about KartHost KloudEmail visit

End of Tutorial

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