Password Recovery - KloudEmail Basic or Suite using Webmail

You have forgotten your KloudEmail Basic or KloudEmail Suite mailbox password?

Normally you can just log into the KloudEmail Control Panel and change your password there, but maybe you do not have access to the KloudEmail Control Panel or your IT Admin isn't available to help you. In the video below you will learn how to set up the password system to send a text message to your cell phone that has texting capability.  This will allow you a secure way to reset your password. Made simple and easy for the end user.

But REMEMBER when you change your email mailbox password you will need to change the password in all your other devices, Outlook, Thunderbird, smart phones, iPads etc other wise they will stop working. All your devices use the same password you set. You change. You have to change in all devices. Watch the video below, click the [ ] in the video player to view in FULL screen mode, and click the little gear next to "YouTube" logo to raise the video resolution (make the video clearer and sharper).
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