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This is for KartHost KloudEmail Service:

You can have your KartHost KloudEmail Webmail Inbox; Drafts; Sent; Spam; Trash folder set to automatically clean out those specific folders by the total of emails or by the number of days or both.  Here is how to accomplish this...

You will need to login to the KloudEmail Control Panel, we will assume you are already logged in. You will find your specific KloudEmail Login credentials in your KartHost Account Password Manager for your specific KloudEmail Service.

1) On the KloudEmail Control Panel home page (Tip: clicking on the KloudEmail Logo will take you back to the home page). Click on "Mailboxes".

Automatic Folder Clean up using the KartHost KloudEmail Control Panel Step 01

2) On the resulting page, All Mailboxes, you will now notice the left navigation, (A) click the "SETTINGS" link and it will expand. You will have 4 additional links, (B) click on "FOLDER CLEANUP".

Automatic Folder Clean up using the KartHost KloudEmail Control Panel Step 02

3) You will be taken to the 'Folder Cleanup' Page. And on that page (A) You will have 5 Folders you can set for auto Folder Cleanup which are:

Inbox, Drafts, Sent, Spam, and Trash folder.

You can set Days or a total number of messages to activate folder clean up.

Example 1: If you select the Inbox folder to 365 days any email in your Inbox that is over 365 days old will be automatically deleted.

Example 2: If you select the Inbox folder and select "2,000 total messages" (or any number you wish to use) when your Inbox has over 2000 Emails, all emails over 2000 will be deleted. Let's say your Inbox has 2,250 emails, the oldest 250 emails will be deleted automatically.

Example 3: Let's say you have 365 in the "Older than" box and 2,000 in the "over [   ] total messages" box. The way this will work is if any Emails that are older than 365 days those emails will be deleted, even if you only have only, say, 200 emails in your Inbox. And all emails, like in 'Example 2', over 2000 emails will be deleted, even if the emails are less than 365 days old.

(B) Once you have made your selection you will need to click the black "Save" button to save your settings.
NOTE: The Override button will override any specific mailboxes where its user might have set a different setting to auto-delete SPAM emails. Their setting will get over-written.

Automatic Folder Clean up using the KartHost KloudEmail Control Panel Step 03


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updated April 7, 2021

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