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A safe and secure location to store all your passwords that is easy for you to get to in your KartHost Customer Center Account.


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1) After Login to your KartHost Customer Center account.  A) Click on the link that says "Hello, <Your Name>!", for instance, if your name is Johnny it would say "Hello, Johnny!" and if you click on it B) a drop menu will appear, just click on "Password Manager".

Locating the KartHost Password Manager on KartHost Customer Center Navigation.

2) On the Password Manager page you have 4 areas which are A) OWNED PASSWORDS; B) SHARED PASSWORDS; C) PRODUCT PASSWORDS; D) CATEGORIES

There are 4 areas of the KartHost Password Manager

2A) OWNED PASSWORDS - You can enter any service you have on the Internet and store a copy here for the password for safekeeping.
(A) With Owned Passwords selected...
(B) You will see the passwords listed in your Owned Password area.
(C) The Password can be viewed by simply clicking where the dots are located and you can also copy from the area.
(D) Add New passwords. Simply click the Add New button. More Details are further down on the page.
(E) HIGHER SECURITY - Protect your Owned Passwords by Enabling the Master Password tool. (Continue to Step 2B)

Owned Passwords in the KartHost Password Manager

2B) Enable Master PASSWORD - Once the Master Password pop has opened.
(A) Add your 'Master Password' and then...
(B) Confirm your Master Password.
(C) Then click Confirm.

Enabling KartHost Password Manager Master Password

2C) SHARED PASSWORDS - (A) These are passwords that a KartHost Kartnatical Support Team Member will share with you for almost any service or reason.
(B) To view a password simply click the dotted password field.

KartHost Password Manager Shared Passwords

2D) PRODUCT PASSWORDS -  (A) Any product or service you have with KartHost will be available here.
(B)Clicking the Product/Service name will take you to the Manage Product page in the KartHost Customer Center for this particular Service.
(C) Simply clicking on the **** dots will enable seeing the password.

KartHost Password Manager Product Passwords

2E) CATEGORIES - To help you stay organized you can A)  set up Categories for your passwords. B) Like eMail Accounts, Social Media Passwords or any password you wish to keep up with.

KartHost Password Manager Categories


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