Mobile Sync What is it and How to Set it Up

Mobile Sync is awesome, but what is is?

What is Mobile Sync?

Using the KloudEmail Suite Service, Mobile Sync allows you to sync up your iPhone, iPad's, Android phones and devices, Windows phone, most any tablet with not only your KartHost KloudEmail Webmail Email and Email folders, but it will also sync your Contacts & Calendar Events from your mobile device to Webmail and Webmail to your mobile device.  Mobile Sync comes with KloudEmail Suite service.

If you already have Mobile Sync, here is where you will get instructions to set Mobile Sync on your mobile device.

UPDATE: Login to the KartHost KloudEmail Set Up Wizard (Support Center)  using the email address you are wanting to set up (it must be a KloudEmail Email Address tied to a Mailbox)

End of Tutorial - If you are having issues, please contact Support.
updated: April 1, 2018

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