Gmail Blocking Emails sent to their Users without these Records

  • Monday, 13th March, 2023
  • 13:49pm

One of the biggest complaints we are getting nowadays is that our senders cannot send emails to personal Gmail accounts.

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Reason – Google is cracking down on domain names associated with an email service that does NOT have two special DNS records. A failure on either one will get the email you send rejected. And even if you are not sending to a Gmail account, not having these two records will likely place your email in the recipient’s SPAM or JUNK folder.

These two Vital Records are:

SPF Record


DKIM Record

As it turns out, what you don’t know can give you heartburn.

You can visit our KartHost Knowledgebase and this Tutorial KloudEmail (Rackspace Email) DNS Settings with all the DNS records you need if you use the KartHost Rackspace email (branded KloudEmail).

If you are an original Client of KartHost and we manage your DNS for you, there is a high probability that your domain name’s DNS already has these records.

If your DNS is hosted by someone else, and/or you have had your email for some time and have only been moved to KartHost, it’s possible your email’s DNS records aren’t set up as they should; visit the link above to discover how your email DNS should be set up.


Do your part to help stop SPAM by adding SPF Records and a DKIM Record (along with a DMARC Policy, they go hand in hand) to your domain name used for email today! And make sure the Inbox is where your emails arrive when sending!

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