.COM Domain Name Price Increase Effective August 31, 2022

  • Tuesday, 2nd August, 2022
  • 09:09am

We were notified today (08/02/2022) that Verisign is increasing.COM pricing at Midnight UTC on September 1, 2022 (this will require us to increase our prices on August 31, 2022) Verisign owns the rights to the .COM .TLD (Top Level Domain). All domain name registers purchase their .com Domain Names from Verisign.

ICANN has given Verisign permission to raise the wholesale price by 7% per year for 3 additional years. 

KartHost sells Domain Names for new registrations at $15.67 and $15.97 per yr for renewals. Unfortunately, we will be forced to raise our prices to the following:

New Registration + Transfer $16.67   Renewals $16.97

Q & A

Q - How do I manually renew my .com Domain Name (or any domain name)?

A - This KartHost Knowledgebase Tutorial will help walk you through renewing a Domain Name manually:
How do I Renew My Domain Name with KartHost?

Q - Can I renew my Domain Name early even if it isn't due to renew to beat the price increase?

A - Yes! Regardless of when you renew your Domain Name only the YEAR will change. Not the Month and Date. So you will not lose time on your domain name.  Here is an example:

If your domain name expires on October 15, 2023. And you renew now for 5 additional years. Your domain name's new expiration date will be October 15, 2028. As you see only the year changes. If you are interested in beating the upcoming .com price increase and future price increases, we encourage you to renew your .com domains before August 31, 2022. Renew them as for out as possible.

Q - What if my Invoice is already generated (since invoices for domain names generate 30 days in advance) it has the New Pricing? Can I still renew at the OLD price?

A - Yes you can. You will want to act fast. Do the following.

(1) Open a Domain Name Support Ticket (or call us during normal business hours M-F 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Central) and ask for your current Domain Name Renewal Invoice to be Cancelled. 

(2) Then manually renew your Domain Name for the years you wish to renew. (Note: you can not renew for more than 10 years from today's date. So if your new expiration date will be August 3rd, 2032 and the current date of your renewal is August 2, 2022, that is more than 10 years. So all you could do is wait a day in this case or renew for only 9 additional years.

If you have any questions let us know immediately.

KartHost Support Team      



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