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Step-by-step instructions for adding a KartHost (Appriver) Hosted Exchange mailbox to your Outlook Email Client/Outlook on your Desktop or Laptop computer.

If all you are looking for is the IMAP (or POP3) Hosted Exchange Server Settings visit this page instead: 
DNS Records for Hosted Exchange Full | Lite+ Plus | Lite

Prerequisites before starting setting up your Hosted Exchange Lite Mailbox on Outlook:

  • The email address you are setting up (must be installed on the Hosted Exchange Server)
  • Mailbox Password for the email address
  • Have your Outlook version (Must have Outlook 2016 and newer)
  • In Outlook click on File (top left) > Account Information page and click the [+ Add Account] now follow the steps below.

[STEP 1]  On image 1 below type in your email address you are adding in the "Email address" field. Then click on the Connect button (it should have changed from gray to blue.

Add your email address you are setting up and click Connect

[STEP 1A] Once you click on the Connect blue button you will see the following:

After clicking Connect button you will see the "We're getting things ready" notification

[STEP 2] The Advanced setup page will load, you will want to click IMAP (not POP)

Make sure to locate and click IMAP for email service type

[STEP 3] On the IMAP Account Settings page confirm you have the correct email address showing and then (A) type in the "Password" field your mailbox password (the little blue square to the right that looks like an eye, click it to see the password you typed in.
(B) Click the blue Connect button.

Confirm your email address. Then type in your mailbox password. Then click the blue Connect button.

[STEP 4] Something went wrong - NO, (A) that is what you are supposed to see when setting up an IMAP service on Hosted Exchange service. 
(B) Now click the "Change Account Settings" so you can type in the correct settings needed for IMAP (don't worry we give those to you in Step 5).

What you are suppose to see, just click on the Change Account Settings button shown by item B.

[STEP 5] This is where you provide the needed details to make your Hosted Exchange IMAP mailbox in Outlook.

Incoming mail


Port: 993

Encryption: SSL/TLS

Outgoing mail


Port: 587

Encryption method: STARTTLS

Once set click the blue Next button.

This is the settings for screenshot for Hosted Exchange IMAP at KartHost

[STEP 6] This step (A) allows you to check to confirm your mailbox Password is correct.
(B) If you are satisfied Password is correct, click the blue Connect button to proceed with setup.

Confirm your password for your Hosted Exchange Mailbox

[STEP 7] If you provided all the correct information you will see "Account successfully added".

To complete the setup, click the blue Done button.

After a successful set up using IMAP on a Hosted Exchange email server you can click the Done button.

If you run into any issues setting up your mailbox Submit a Customer Server

Support Ticket we will be happy to help you. If you are not the owner of the 

Hosted Exchange Email service, contact your local Admin in charge of your email 

service to open the Support Ticket.


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Published December 3, 2023

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