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Let me start out and say that this will affect very few of our clients. Its been our policy when you set up any device including Apple Mail (Mac Mail), Thunderbird, or any Apple device (iPhone, iPad) to have you use Password or Normal Password authentication if you are using (or if Mobile Sync is activated) as the primary set up. 

However, should you have set up one of your devices listed above using CRAM-MD5 Authentication, you will no longer be able to send email using that protocol as of June 26, 2013. You will still be above to receive email just not send email.

To be safe if you are using Apple Mail (Mac Mail), Thunderbird, or an iPhone or iPad, you might take a few moments to check your device to make sure you are using the correct Authentication Method.

NOTE: This issue has no affect on KloudMAIL Webmail users, Outlook users, what so ever.

So here are the simple step by step instructions to check your Apple Mail (Mac Mail), Thunderbird, or any Apple device (iPhone, iPad) device to see if it is set up to Send Mail correctly.

Based on the device you have, click the link below to take you to the Step by Step instructions to check your device.

I Need Help with Apple Mail (Mac Mail)

I Need Help with Thunderbird

I Need Help with my iPhone or iPad

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