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The following comes with the warning of use at your OWN RISK, while we feel the web site we suggest to be one you can trust, we just cannot guarantee your privacy. So if you have any doubts do not move continue with this method.
Now let's get started.

1) Login to your RoundCube email account for the email address in which you wish to move your contacts.
2) You can Export the contact list that you have built in RoundCube by going to the Address tool at the top, then on the Address Book page click the "Export contacts in vCard Format" icon.
3) You will need to select all the contacts you wish to export by holding the "CTRL" key (on PC computers) and selecting all the contacts you want to export. Alternatively if you have a lot of contacts you can click the first contact at the top of the page and then while holding down the shift key select the very last contact at the bottom and that will select all contacts in between.
4) Once your contacts are selected then click the bluish folder with the green down arrow, "Export contacts in vCard Format" icon. And Save this vCard to some place you will know how to get to on your computer.
5) Now at your own risk go to this web site http://labs.brotherli.ch/vcfconvert/ it is a simple vCard to CSV Converter tool that is simple and free to use, but use at your own risk. (KARTHOST has not reason to believe this is a deceptive site, you may contact them at the email address provided on the web page, if you have concerns.
6) Now if you have made the decision of moving forward you will now want Load up the vCard file you saved to your computer. Note, the MAXIMUM size is 8MB. If your file is larger than 8MB you will need to start the process over and export in multiple vCard files smaller than 8 MB.
7) At the "vCard-File:" filed upload your vCard file.
8) At the "Format:" drop down field select "CSV" and the second field to the right select "Comma" Then check the box for "Add header line"
9) If you wish you can use the filter for "vCards with e-mail only" or "vCards with phone numbers only". But not required.
10) Now click the "convert" button and save your new ".csv" file to your computer.
11) You are now ready to Import your file to selected CloudMail email account. Now login to CloudMail account.
12) Once logged in to CloudMail click on Contacts, then when on the Contacts page click on Import/Export Contacts
13) Now under Import Contacts select the csv file you save to your computer and click on Continue
14) You will then see all the Records. For each record, if you wish, you might have to change the corresponding Name, just review each record.
15) Once satisfied with all your records go ahead and click the OK button at the very bottom of the page. If you get an Error just make the changes that the Error points out.
16) The Contacts should now be in your CloudMail Contacts. Any issues while importing you will get in the Import Result popup.

You are now finished.

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