Setting Up Third Party Email Managers and Mobile/Smart Phones to use your Email

POP3/IMAP (recieving Mail) Set up

Regardless if you are using any of these 3rd party email managers like, Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Live mail, Thunderbird, or your cellphone, iPhone, Smart Phone of any kind, etc the setup settings to "get" your mail will be the same.

REMOTE SERVER SETTINGS: Will be "mail." followed by your primary domain name. For instance if your domain name is, your email server will be

USERNAME: The username settings is always your FULL email address. Lets say your email address is [email protected], then [email protected] is your username.

PASSWORD: This is the password either you or your site webmaster/administrator set up for you.

PORT: The port for POP3 is 110. The port for IMAP is 143

TIP: If you wish to leave your email ON the server use IMAP, if you wish to remove email from the server use POP3. But keep in mind by leaving email on the server will use up your allocated disk space for your web hosting plan.

SECURE PORT: The Secure PORT for POP3 is PORT 995. Secure PORT for IMAP is 993
NOTE: When using secure port your login from your email manager to the email server is with a secure connection, so hackers can not "sniff" out  your password. You DO need to have a Security Certificate if you do not wish to get the warning from your email client when you logon each session. However not having a Security Certificate will not prevent you from logging into IMAP or POP3, it will only elimnate the Security Certificate warnings.


SMTP (Sending eMail)

When setting up your email to SEND keep in mind you WILL need to Authenticate your email. Authentication is a positive way to prove to the email server you have authority to send email. Most email services will bounce email that is NOT Authenticated when sent from the senders SMTP server. While you can use the same username and password as for POP3/IMAP, its best, if your email manager allows you to do so actually type in the email username and password for SMTP (Outgoing Mail). But it you do not have that option, do not worry.

Standard SMTP PORT: Is PORT 25. But the problem with PORT 25 all the spammers like to use port 25 to hack into email servers to send their email to you. And many Internet Service Providers (ISP's) will BLOCK PORT 25 unless you are using your ISP's SMTP server. A work around this is to use the Alternate PORT 587. However, PORT 587 is a standard PORT to use and Spammers and ISP's are starting to catchon, so KARTHOST is moving to PORT 2587 for ALL EMAILS being sent via our SMTP servers. First Try PORT 587, if it does not work for you, then try PORT 2587 as we transition to PORT 2587.

SMTP HOST: Is just like POP3/IMAP use "mail." followed by your primary domain name. For instance if your domain name is, your email server will be 

NOTE FOR CELL PHONE USERS (Outgoing Mail): If your phone does NOT have a place to enter the SMTP PORT you will need to enter your host with a colon ":"followed immediately with the PORT Number. For an example, if I am setting up my mobile phone to use my hostings SMTP server ( is my domain for this example) I would set it up like this:

USERNAME: Is your full email address, like [email protected]

PASSWORD: This is the password either you or your site webmaster/administrator set up for you.

If you have ANY questions regarding these email settings please contact KARTHOST Technical Support using the 24 hour a day 7 day a week Support Ticket system.




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