How to use Gmail with my cPanel hosted email at KARTHOST

We encourage our clients to us third party email services instead of the Shared Email environment that comes with some of KartHost web hosting accounts. There are many reasons as to why, but the biggest issue is deliverability, we will not go into those details here, but we encourage you to set up an account with our Premium Professional KloudMAIL service, or at least use Gmail service from Google.

If you prefer to use the Gmail email service, here is how you will set it up in your cPanel control panel if you have web hosting at KartHost

1) Login to your cPanel Control Panel and look for the Mail block as shown below. Once found click on the "MX Entry" icon in that block.

Locate MX Entry in cPanel to set Gmail MX Records

2) You will now be on the MX Entry Maintenance page in cPanel. A MX record controls where your email traffic will be delivered too for your specific domain. Now we need to set it up to send your emails to Gmail
In the "Email Routing" box, select "Remote Mail Exchanger" and then click on the "Change" button. Once you have clicked the "Change" button you will you should see "Remote Mail Exchanger" in bold text now.

Select Remote Mail Exchanger since Gmail is Remote Email outside of cPanel

3) Now move down the MX Entry Maintenance page to the "MX Records" and if you see your own domain name or if you see under "Destination" then click the "Delete" link under "Actions".

Remove Existing MX Record Destination to prepare to add the Gmail Destination

4) Now move up to "Add New Record" block, and you will need to add the actual Gmail MX Records here. you will need the "Priority" and the "Destination" (where the MX record will send all email).
Now Gmail (Google) will need to provide you this information. At the time of the writing of this article tutorial we have placed the Gmail Destination and Priority details below. However, as varification you should check Gmails MX records configuration to varify the settings. KartHost can not be held responsible if Google changes these MX Record settings.

Priority Destination

See the screen shot below of what it would look like after you have the above MX Records added in cPanel

The desired result after you have added all your Gmail MX Records to cPanel
If you run into any issue adding your MX Records, please contact KartHost Technical Support by opening a Technical Support Ticket.

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