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Any time one of our support staff has replied to a ticket and the ticket status is “Answered” that starts the count-down clock to 10 days. On the 10th day, the support ticket status will be changed from “Answered” to “Closed” automatically by our automation.

The assumption is the Support Tech didn't require a reply from the client and assumed has been completed successfully. Sometimes the Support Tech will manually close the ticket or allow automation to auto close it.

What if my issue wasn’t taken care of or I still see an issue?

If you still have an issue with the original problem, please reopen the closed Support Ticket. No Problem and we encourage you to do so. Please explain what the problem continues to be. And screenshots are always welcome and recommended. We are happy to help you get the issue resolved.

Can I open the same ticket with a different problem?

We ask you not to reopen the closed ticket with a different type of problem. Please open another ticket with those issues.

Instructions on Opening a KartHost Customer Center Support Ticket (with video).

The KartHost Support Team is here to support you!

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created July 16, 2022

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