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Have you had an issue when moving a Post or Page in WordPress and you get an "Error Moving to Trash" message (or something similar).
Or, you do not see the Trash link next to "All | Published", if so, this is a web browser caching issue in just about every case. (Here is a resource to clear your Browser Cache at CLEAR MY CACHE)

First, make sure your server-side (where your website is hosted) cached is clear, this could be a Caching plugin you are using, like Convesio Cache, WP Fastest Cache (Clearing Cache Using WP Fastest Cache), WP Super Cache, WP Total Cache, Comet Cache, WP Rocket and many more. Then make sure the webserver cache has been cleared, if your host caches sites server-side.

Then make sure to clear your CDN (Content Delivery Network) cache if you are using a service like Cloudflare, Sucuri CDN, Max CDN, etc.

Then after the above is done, you will need to clear your web browser cache. You really only need to clear Cached images and files and nothing else.

How do you do this? It all depends on the web browser you are using, like Google Chrome, Brave, Firefox, Opera, Edge, Safari. 
See the How to Clear Web Browser page for details for each browser.

Once you clear the web browser cache, you should see normal operation.

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