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There are two types of email addresses

1) Email addresses associated with an email mailbox, and
2) Email addresses that do not have an email mailbox associated with them.

Ultimately, an "email mailbox" must be the final destination for all emails sent across the internet.

Email managers like Outlook, Mac/Apple Mail, Thunderbird and devices like iPhones, iPads, Android phones, Android tablets, Windows phones and tablets, and almost any software or device MUST have an email mailbox to login to, to be able to obtain email. And usually, in the majority of cases, the username to login to those email mailboxes is the full email address. So with an Email Mailbox, an email address MUST be attached to the email mailbox.

Email Aliases (or sometimes known as email forwarders). Email Aliases do NOT have mailboxes attached to them, so it is vital when using an email alias that you forward the email alias to an email address that does have an email mailbox as the final destination.

For example - let's say you have an email mailbox with "[email protected]" as the email address.
You do not give out your [email protected] email address to someone but wish to give out an 'Email Alias' instead.

You could set up an email alias address such as [email protected] and then instruction that any email that is sent to this email address be forwarded to [email protected]. That is an Email Alias, it's protecting your original email address, or helping you stay organized using a certain email address for specific subjects, departments or categories. Even help track if your print advertising is paying off by using an Email Aliases. I am sure you can  see how an 'Email Alias' can be very useful.

Email Domain Alias - This takes the concept one step further that allows you to use multiple domain names with the same mailboxes and email aliases.
As an example, let's take the example above,
[email protected] is attached to an email mailbox.
[email protected] is an Email Alias.

Now let's say you have another domain name that is myothercompany.net.
For an example with the KloudEmail system at KartHost, you can add myothercompany.net as a domain alias for mycompany.com, and then if someone sends an email to:

[email protected] it is automatically sent to [email protected] 

Likewise, with an email domain alias, someone sends an email to [email protected] and the email is automatically sent to [email protected] and then delivered as instructed.

If you have an email address set up with your primary domain, then it will work with any domain aliases as well. I nice feature.

This service is available with all KloudEmail Email packages with KartHost. And you can have as many Email Aliases and Domain Aliases as you like.


updated November 18, 2021

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