Accessing my cPanel Hosting Control Panel at KartHost To access your cPanel control panel here is what you need to do:1) Login to your KartHost... Change PHP Version & Set PHP Options You can change the install of PHP for your KartHost cPanel install and all sites associated with... Changing SMTP PORTS in WHM In WHM, goto: Service Manager Scroll down to: Exim on another port In the box next to Run... Generating a Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate on KartHost cPanel All our hosting clients at KartHost we provide a Free SSL Certificate from Let's Encrypt. If you... How do I reset Passwords for Email Accounts Set up in cPanel? Please Note: KartHost Does Not Support cPanel Email Any lLonger - For Custom Email visit:... I am Banned from cPanel - UnBan Your Access to cPanel You or your assistant are unable to access your web site or login into cPanel. The main reason is... Redirecting Domains (Domain Forwarding) using Parked Domains in cPanel If you have a domain name you wish to redirect to your existing web site, you have two ways of... SFTP and FTPES (FTPS) To Your KartHost cPanel Hosting EFFECTIVE November 10. 2020 KartHost cPanel Servers will no longer allow regular Non Secure FTP.... Setting Email MX Records in cPanel All MX records for new accounts are set by default to use our KloudEmail email service. If you... What is the Email Attachment Limit for cPanel Email Accounts If you have a KartHost hosting account using the Prime web hosting or any older web hosting... What is the index file priority order on server The index file is what the server automatically pulls up when their isn't a request for a... How to Setup Gmail with my cPanel hosted email at KARTHOST Looking to use Gmail instead of your shared webhosting email. At KartHost we highly recommend you...
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