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The following tutorial is how to add a Domain Alias to an existing domain name you are using with your KloudEmail Professional Mail service.

This is NOT how to add a specific email Alias, for that you will need to take a look at this KartHost Knowledgebase Article "Add an Email Alias (Forwarder)" found in the KloudEmail Control Panel section.

What is a domain alias?
Any email address you have set up using your primary domain name can be also used with another domain, called a domain alias. For instance lets say you have a mailbox set up as sales, and your domain name is "" which would be [email protected]. You decide to add a domain " as a Domain Alias. Now from this point forward (as long as you set the correct MX records) any email coming in as [email protected] will go to your [email protected] email address. You can  have as many domain aliases as you wish. 

This same principle will also work for for email aliases you have set up for your primary domain. Using the same example from above, if you have Email Alias set up as [email protected] and after adding as a Domain Alias, now anyone would be able to send an mail to [email protected] and that will be forwarded to [email protected] and then forwarded to the normal location you had set up.

Setting up a Domain Alias:

If you wish to add a Domain Alias, please open a Tecnical Support Ticket. Upon opening please give us the domain name you wish to add as an Domain Alias, also give us the primary Domain Name. And in the mean tim make sure the following MX records are set up as below in your DNS so that email traffic will make it to our email servers.

Host Name
Time To Live (TTL)
Record Type
Blank or @
3600 to 14400
Blank or @ 3600 to 14400 MX 20

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