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This tutorial will deal with forwarding an email address from the KartHost KloudEmail Control Panel. This works both for KloudEmail Basic and KloudEmail Suite as well as Exchange. 

NOTE: If you wish to set up forwarding via KartHost KloudEmail Webmail please see this Tutorial in the KartHost KloudEmail Professional Mail category - Email Forwarding - How to Set Up and Features

1) The first step in getting started is to log in to the KartHost KloudEmail Control Panel, just go to the website and on the home page you will need to click/tap  on the Login link at top of the page. 

Login to KloudEmail Control Panel Step 1

1a) You will then be on the KartHost Login page. Scroll down on the page until you see the KloudEmail Control Panel login box and click it. The next page will be the actual login page to your Control Panel.

KloudEmail Control Panel Login Step 1a

2) Once logged into the Control Panel in the Email Hosting box look for the Mailboxes link and click on it.

Click on Mailboxes in the Email Hosting box - Email Forwarding for KartHost KloudEmail

3) You will be on the Mailboxes page and select the Mailbox by clicking on the A) mailbox name (username) you wish to manage.

Click on the username for the email mailbox - Email Forwarding for KartHost KloudEmail

4) You will be on the Mailbox Details page and on the General tab. A) Click the Forwarding / Auto-Reply tab

Click the Forwardind / Auto-Reply tab- Email Forwarding for KartHost KloudEmail

5) Now once on the Forwarding / Auto-Reply tab you will want to A) check the Forward email to box and B) the box below will no longer be grayed out and you will be able to type in the email address in which you wish to forward your emails.

Check the Forward email to box to activate the box below - Email Forwarding for KartHost KloudEmail

6) You can add up to 15 email addresses to forward too (however only 4 email addresses can be outside of your primary domain), the minimum is 1 email address. You need to add an A)  comma "," after each email address with no spaces.

Add the email addresses that you will forward too - Email Forwarding for KartHost KloudEmail

7) As an option you can save a copy of the emails that are forwarded in the email box you are forwarding. A) Just check the Save copies of forwarded email box.
NOTE: If you have an Auto Reply Message (Vacation Message) set up, you MUST check the Save copies of forwarded email box for the Auto Reply function to work.

Make Sure to check Save copies of forward email if you want to keep a copy - Email Forwarding for KartHost KloudEmail

This is the end of the KartHost KloudEmail Tutorial.
updated December 20, 2017

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