How To Add a New or Change A Credit Card

If you need to add a new credit card or change the existing card in your KartHost Customer Center Account follow these simple steps.

1) After you are logged into your KartHost Customer Center account, on the far right navigation where it shows "Hello, Your Name!" ('Your Name' would be replaced with the name of the account holder) click "Hello, Your Name!" and a drop down menu will appear. From that drop down menu select "Manage Credit Card"
Alternatively you could click on Billing and then from the drop down menu click "Manage Credit Card"

How to Add or Change a  Credit Card on file in your KartHost Customer Center Account

2) The resulting page will be the Credit Card Details Page. A) If you have an existing card on file the type of card, last 4 digits of the card will show. If no card is on file, "No card on file" will be displayed. B) This is where you will add your card, fill out the required information and when complete click the Save Changes button.
The new card you enter will replace the existing card on file. You can only have one card listed at a time.

Final Step adding or changing your credit card at the KartHost Customer Center

Other information Regarding Your Card you might Need to Know.

How to Delete a Card
: If you need to just Delete a Card on file, you will need to open a Billing Support Ticket to allow us to delete the Credit Card for you.
Card Security: Your credit or debit card is not stored on the KartHost web site. It is transmitted encrypted to our payment processor Stripe and stored in their secure credit card system for future payments.

Why $1 Charge When Adding My Card?
 - This only happens in very rare instances. There isn't an actual charge of $1, it is only an authorization from stripe to verify the card, and the authorization is immediately removed. To learn more visit this Strip Article "Why does my customer see a $1 charge when their payment failed"

Note: If you have been paying by PayPal and your account is set to pay by PayPal, you will need to change your "Payment Method" to "Credit Card" after you add your new card to your account. This is done in the Edit Account Details page. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have any past due invoices, please understand you will have to manually pay past due invoices, once you change your credit card on file. Our automation will not go back and pay past due invoices. Or if you wish you can open a Billing Support Ticket and request that we manually pay your past due invoices, just let us know the invoice # and that you have changed the card on file. We will be more than happy to help you. However, it will be faster if you manually pay the invoice from your KartHost Customer Center Account.

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