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If your domain has expired, (you can confirm this by looking at your account, or using the KartHost Whois tool) while your domain name will stop sending traffic to your web site and email (if used for email) and any sub-domains you have, it will point to a temporary commecial landing page, this is normal. However, you can renew your domain during the Domain Name Renewal Grace Period. The Domain Renewal Grace Period will vary from .tld we have listed the renewal grace periods for you below for each specific .tld. 

If your domain name is registered at (if it isn't transfer your domain name today!) an invoice for the renewal will be generated at 30 days before renewal expiration date. If the invoice is paid before the end of the renewal grace period for your .tld you will get the domain name active again just by paying the invoice. However because the domain name has been redirected to a temporary commercial landing page, you will need to allow internet propgation time before it starts to point back to your web site and handling email for you.

Should your domain name slip past Renewal Grace Period into Renewal Redemption Period, you will need to contact Domain Name Support to get your domain name back. Simple paying your overdue invoice will not get your domain name back. Renewal Redemption Period is a "last chance at any cost" to get your domain name back under your control. The cost is much higher because the domain name has now slipped out of our control back to the registrar of that .tld. So contact us immediately if this has happened to you. You have limited time to to get your domain out of Renewal Redemption Period before its deleted.  Suggest you read over this article Redemption Grace Period.

Below is a chart of the number of days a domain name is in renewal grace period:

TLD (Domain Name Extension)Renewal Grace Period (Days)
.ASIA 40
.AU 30
.BIZ 36
.BZ 40
.CA 40
.CC 36
.CN 40
.CO 40
.COM 36
.DE 0
.ES 9
.EU 0
.IN 36
.INFO 36
.ME 36
.MN 40
.MOBI 36
.NAME 40
.NET 36
.NL 0
.NZ 0
.ORG 36
.PRO 36
.PW 0
.RU 30
.SX 40
.TEL 40
.TV 36
.UK 90
.US 36
.WEB.IN 30
.WS 40
CentralNic domain names 0

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