COVID-19: KartHost Update

Hope you, your family and your employees are all safe and taking the necessary precautions. We have everyone working from home except Roy and Gail they will be in the office helping as usual with any questions or assistance you need. As always, your support tickets are monitored and answered 24/7/365. The federal government has identified more ... Read More »

26th Mar 2020
cPanel Shared Server Down time (03/23/2020) at 21:00 EDT (UTC 02:00/-5 03/24/2020)

Our apologies regarding the cPanel Hosting outages you have experienced over the past few days. The issue was with several sites that were using extremely outdated Joomla and Custom CMS's (Content Management Systems) causing the entire (very powerful) webserver to ‘load up’ on MySQL. The server had to be rebooted several times to keep it ... Read More »

23rd Mar 2020