Tools to Manage Your Sites SEO and What is Customized Email?

  • Monday, 2nd May, 2022
  • 15:01pm

If you missed the KartHost Blog Post The Importance of SEO, if you own a website or thinking of owning a website, make sure you read the Blog Post The Importance of SEO.

We have been spending a lot of time researching and writing Blog Post Articles that we feel will bring value to your website. Here are a few more Blog Posts added to KartHost. We hope you find this very useful as it relates to your current or future website.

This week's article reviews two very good plugins that are available for no charge for you to use as well as having a Premium or what we call 'Pro' versions. The Pro versions are available for all our clients that have the heavily value-added Custom WordPress Install service you get with our EZWP Complete package.

SEOPress - Setting up your online presence is a major milestone for any business, but ensuring that you are easily discoverable is what will set your business apart. Check out our 7 reasons why you should choose SEOPress to take care of your WordPress site’s optimization.


Rank Math SEO - Remove the guesswork from SEO! With the RankMath all-in-one plugin, you can improve your organic search and optimize your WordPress website with industry-leading integrations that put you ahead of the competition. 

Changing Subject matter just a little, the next two Articles are about email. We run across so many people that own a business who do not realize that they can have a custom email that is using their business's name or trademark instead of something like this [email protected]<a free email service>. There are so many things wrong with doing it that way and in the Customized Email article, we discuss that. 

And this carries over to Personal Customized Email as well. If you care anything about your privacy, make sure to read both articles!

Customized Email - A customized email address for the business is one of the most important marketing tools at your disposal. Make the best first impression and show you’re serious about your business with our easy-to-follow guide.

Personal Customized Email - Customized email can offer just as many benefits to the individual as it can to your business! We guide you through the best reasons to upgrade your personal email to a customized one.


We would greatly appreciate your comment on the articles you do read and giving us your feedback! Thanks!

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