Did You Mess these New Blog Posts at the KartHost Blog?

  • Thursday, 21st April, 2022
  • 15:59pm

One of our 2022 commitments at KartHost is to add more relevant blog posts to help you with your WordPress site. We have already started on this list of great blogs. Here is the list with links to some of our latest blog posts for 2022. Enjoy!


WordPress Video and Audio Content Just Got an Upgrade - I have to admit, the last thing I thought the WordPress Community needed is yet another Video Player. But this one sets new standards! And what is really cool is it's the FIRST video player (at the time of posting) that is not only a video player but an audio player as well! It has some pretty cool features! If you are thinking of starting a Podcast or just want to add a video to your site, this is the player for you! While there is a free version, we make the player an option in the EZWP Complete package.

Protect Your Course Videos with Presto Player - Take an LMS (Learning Management System) like LearnDash and if you offer paid course the last thing you want is to have people download your course videos. Here is another reason anyone offering a course needs to make Presto Player their Video (and audio) player of choice!

The Complete Solution for Vloggers and Podcasters - With a focus on podcasters and Vloggers (using video in your blogs) you will learn the best and easiest tools to use on your website even if you have high traffic.

The Importance of SEO - You time a lot of time (and even money) making your site very nice, but what's the point if no one can find it. If you have no idea what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is, this is a great article to get you up to speed. Your site WILL have SEO, either good or bad, which do you want?

More Blog Posts Coming Next Week

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